Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are barbeques allowed?
    Yes barbeques are fine but they must be contained. Please do not light open fires. NEVER NEVER take a barbeque into your caravan. They give off Carbon Monoxide fumes which can very quickly be fatal.
  2. Do you take dogs?
    Yes, we welcome dogs but they must be kept on a lead whilst in the caravan park. We have a large dog walking area. You are responsible for picking up your dog's excrement and placing it in the bin.
  3. How far are you from the beach?
    We are a short five minute walk from the beach. Part of the static site is on the beach side and provides private access to the beach.
  4. Is there a charge for the showers?
    No the showers are free however at busy times please be aware that others may be waiting and be considerate.
  5. Is there security onsite?
    We have few problems but there is security from 9pm at night during the peak season.
  6. Are generators permissible?
    Sorry - no.
  7. How far are you from the shops, entertainments, pubs and eating places?
    The nearest convenience store (Brean Post Office) is a short walk across the field. We are about 10 mins walk from a number of shops, pubs, entertainments and Brean Leisure Park. Golf is available at the Leisure Park.